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Nov 18, 2019 · According to the channelers, Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings, from other planets and realms, who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that date back hundreds of thousands of years. It seems that while most Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all living beings throughout all of the realms and universes, some Starseeds ... Nov 03, 2014 · Her choice to die may reinforce to many — particularly religiously disengaged young millennials — that spiritual meaning, like suffering, is up to you. ... Planetary alignment to create a ... Oct 05, 2020 · “This video describes a Great Conjunction that will take place on December 21st 2020 when Jupiter passes Saturn in the evening sky. This planetary alignment that has not happened since 1623″. In fact the last conjunction was in 2000, but not very spectacular. Hope that helps. Reply

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Astrology Alignments / Spiritual Meaning of the 1960s Thursday - January 10 2019. Mark Lerner shared an astrological overview for the new year. Followed by Tobias Churton on the spiritual meaning of the 1960s. More » Astrology & Alignments/ Golden Era of UFOs Monday - October 1 2018. Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed effects of planetary ...

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Jul 16, 2019 · The Moon is a planet of the subconscious, and like the tides, it has a sweeping effect on our emotional life. Dealing with the kinds of feelings a Full Moon brings up can be difficult to do alone, so whether you are single or attached, you might want to reach out and connect with someone close to you just to feel less alone. The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has continued to grow, yet many of them are drawn to churches and retreat centers in search of spiritual direction. Ministers and religious educators say so-called “nones” and other non-Christian seekers are hungry for the meaning, purpose and structure they aren’t finding on the secular ...

Dec 21, 2020 · A simple answer to your question is that some channelers say that the Earth will, finally, enter the 4th/5th Dimension on December 21, 2020. There are no coincidences with this piece of 2020 and the synchronicities are many. The first-tier planetary alignment of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter this year in Capricorn/Aquarius taking place on the other side of the sky is, of course, what is really driving this year astrologically.

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